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Dog body languauge

One of the many ways we can help our canine companions is to be familiar with their body language - we all talk with our bodies and dogs are no different.

Eastern Shore Dog Club

The ESDC is found in Bellerive and offers a great range of training opportunities for you and your dog

Institue of Modern Dog Trainers

The IMDT is a great resource for trainers and dog owners and provides information about dog trainers throughout Australia

Simply Seaweed

I use Simply Seaweed as a dental supplement for my dog's teeth and have stock available to purchase

Easy Peasy Puppy Training

Steve Mann is a UK based puppy and dog trainer with over 30 years of experience. He is an author of many books and is well respected in the dog training world.

I attended his Easy Peasy Puppy Trainer course in 2022 and am now an Easy Peasy Puppy Trainer

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